Gift jewelry pouch bag gourd shape

Jewelry pouch bags come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors that can match your personal style. You can choose from plain or patterned pouch bags to fit your taste.Jewelry pouch bags are lightweight, compact and easy to carry, which makes them a convenient option for organizing your jewelry while traveling. They can easily fit into your purse, backpack or luggage.

You have more choices, the colors / logos are avilable to custom
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The sweet and cute shape of this jewelry bag makes it a great holiday gift for kids and friends, it’s small but big enough to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry. Not only is it beautiful in appearance, Richpack’s 15 years of jewelry packaging production experience as a professional jewelry packaging manufacturer makes this product have excellent quality. The soft texture of flannel and the toughness of jewelry are perfectly combined to bring more likes to your jewelry.

Exterior: suede/ velvet

Interiror: suede/velvet

Outside packing: Opp bag

You have more choices, the colors /sizes/ logos are avilable to custom.

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Double face fabirc

The jewelry pouch / bag is made of long wool fabric, with soft and delicated feel and better care for the jewelry.

Gift jewelry pouch bag gourd shape-1

Elegang design

Fashion simple, can accommodate a veriety of decorations.

Gift jewelry pouch bag gourd shape-2

Fine art

Flannelette bag edge is sealed with thread, neat and beautiful, strong firmness.

Gift jewelry pouch bag gourd shape-3

Gift jewelry pouch bag gourd shape-4

More details

This is the Best jewelry organizer box for a gift that your true one should have.

It was a chosen in serious explain for your lovely jewelry and your heart.


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You focus on your jewelry,we focus on you time.

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