Girls jewelry box magnet cardboard box

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Double open and colose magnet jewelry boxes, are wrapped in nice looking Black Pink paper. The black texured paper is wrapped on the outside, matchs the box body pink, elegant do not break loveliness again, deeply ladies love.

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As a jewelry packaging box, it is beautiful,magnificent,and splendid. It is  the packaging that selected by many customers. Different grades of gemstones can be packed with different materials. The style of the box and the style of the jewelry bag are matched, and the workmanship is fine.

This is the correct packaging that can support and enhance the company's brand image, and it can also reflect the company's values, vision and mission, and make buyers more satisfied.

Exterior: Black Pink leatherette paper

Interiror: black velvet insert

Outside packing: OPP bag

You have more choices, the colors / sizes/ logos are avilable to custom.

Girls jewelry box magnet cardboard box-1

Ring gift box wholesale

• Item: 3PC01-R-B/P

• Ring box

• Size: 55 (L) *55 (W) *45 (H) mm

• Color: Black/Pink


Girls jewelry box magnet cardboard box-2

Jewelry gift boxes for necklaces

• Item: 3PC02-P-B/P

• Pendant  box

• Size: 70 (L) *80 (W) *35 (H) mm

• Color: Black/Pink

Girls jewelry box magnet cardboard box-3

Pink black jewelry box for bangle

• Item: 3PC04-B-B/P

• Bangle box

• Size: 90 (L) * 90(W) *35 (H) mm

• Color: Black/Pink

Girls jewelry box magnet cardboard box-4

Black pink jewelry box for bracelet

• Item: 3PC05-L-B/P

• bracelet box

• Size: 220 (L) *50 (W) *35 (H) mm

• Color: Black/Pink

More details

Best drawer jewelry box for a gift

It was a chosen in serious explain for your jewelry



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We use fast, reliable and cost-effective shipping partners for all orders.

For American customers,the delievry time won't be more than one week,and for the other customers all over the world,it won't be more than 30-50 days.We will try our best to save your cost on money and time.

You focus on your jewelry,we focus on you time.

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