Creative Gift Packaging Box Design Ideas

Products are the most important part of a company’s business, with gift boxes and products, and branding a close second. Gift boxes help sell products and allow brands to create an emotional connection with customers.


Specifically, product packaging with a refined appearance is more likely to encourage customers to share product photos on various online platforms, thereby increasing exposure and providing free marketing opportunities. Market research has shown that using phrases like “follow us”, “share”, etc. will really encourage customers to talk about your product on “Tiktok”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”.

Cost can be a “hold back” for every brand when it comes to customizing creative gift boxes. Of course, balancing packaging costs does limit the box design a bit. Below, we will give a few suggestions, hoping to help you maximize the performance of the box at a limited cost.



Although the classic gift box shape may seem a little boring, there are still many ways to get creative, and starting with the graphic design of the box will be the best choice for the brand. When designing a packaging box, you can do a lot of research on the colors, fonts, and designs that are popular at the moment. At the same time, the classic product box shape is also functional and user-friendly, and the price is also much more affordable than the special-shaped shape. The box overall is also very durable, helping to protect your product during shipping.


Interior decoration

If you use the classic box shape, consider adding printing to the inside of the package. When customers open the box, they are sure to pay extra attention and appreciation to its interior details. Whether it’s printing some social media messages, a logo, or a brand description, it’s a very good choice.


Extra decoration

Adding some extra decoration to your product’s outer packaging can make your product more popular. Brands can consider packaging processes such as bronzing, embossing, and embossing to add extra three-dimensionality and beauty. The dazzling features of hot stamping or hot silver can really bring more attention to your packaging and add an extra touch of luxury. The embossing or embossing process can improve the overall three-dimensionality and interest of the packaging. Of course, both can also be used in packaging at the same time.

Brand Extras

Things like branded tissue paper or self-adhesive labels can increase brand exposure and tell your customers that the brand is always thinking about all the little details of the product. When you put the labor in the little things, customers will truly have a solid brand experience.


No matter from that point of view, the gift box is a very important part of the product. Whether it’s for product highlighting or branding, these tips can maximize the performance of your premium packaging during the sales process.


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Post time: Jun-06-2022