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      Richpack has been focusing on providing customers with packaging service for more than 20 years .From design and production to delivery. Our experienced team has served over 300+ companies all over the world. In accordance with the various business areas, various types, and each product model, modularization provides a variety of printing and packaging products to achieve customer "one-stop procurement".



      We are committed to provide the highest quality packaging solutions to our customers.  The Group’s quality assurance processes ensure all incoming materials and components will meet our customers’ standards before production even begins.  Quality control measures are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing procedure to achieve our customer’s unique specifications and quality standards.






    We are dedicated to provide all our customers with exceptional services and quality products at competitive price.  Our Group is looking forward to serving all your packaging needs






      We take pride not only in our advanced technology and craftsmanship but also in our passionate and professional service team. With experienced designers, engineers, and production teams, we can provide comprehensive professional support from concept to reality. Whether it's project planning, understanding customization requirements, or after-sales service, our team is committed to delivering the best solutions with professionalism and efficiency.

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