How to reduce the cost of high-end jewelry gift boxes

Keeping costs low is an integral part of any business plan. But lowering the cost of premium gift packaging doesn’t mean cutting corners or producing cheap goods. With the help of an expert packaging box manufacturer, you can save a lot of unnecessary packaging expenses while giving the impression of a high-end product.
Some simple economic rules also apply to product packaging. Even the most premium product packaging can be surprisingly cheap as long as you follow some common-sense guidelines, such as:

Mass customization
Design accounts for a considerable proportion of the total packaging cost. In addition, when customizing the packaging box, the cost of the factory’s start-up fee, mold fee, and other costs will be evenly distributed to the individual cost of each packaging. The larger the number of customizations when customizing the box, the lower the cost evenly distributed to the box. And many custom packaging manufacturers will also give appropriate profits to the brand according to the number of customized packaging boxes.

Packaging Materials
The size and weight of the box have a huge impact on the final cost of product packaging. For example, many plastic packaging boxes cannot be folded during shipping, potentially significantly increasing the overall shipping price of the package. Secondly, many packaging materials have poor plasticity and are difficult to customize, and the loss during customization will be evenly distributed to the packaging box. Choosing paper material, a material with strong plasticity, can not only make a folding box but also better control the loss because of its superplasticity.

Custom enterprise
Many foreign brands are very keen to find packaging box manufacturers in China because, for many developed countries, manpower is very expensive. Therefore, the cost of custom packaging is also very high. Custom packaging in China is often less expensive than custom-made locally.

Bundled manufacturing and logistics
Experienced product packaging companies should typically have complex logistics systems in addition to their manufacturing capabilities to streamline their manufacturing processes. This can not only effectively control the transportation cost, but also better control the logistics time, so as not to cause the brand to launch the product normally due to the untimely packaging supply.

Although there is no absolute way to save money on product packaging, the above guidelines can help brands reduce costs appropriately without compromising the quality of gift boxes. If you have customized packaging requirements, you can contact Richpack, and Richpack will provide you with the perfect packaging solution.

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Post time: May-27-2022